Michelle Glanzman

Local Artist & Art Director 



Get ready to dive into a creative, interactive experience while exploring your inner artist!


House of Therapy offers art classes for all ages that are designed to range from intuitive painting, (where we become brave enough to release our emotions through art) to a more structured environment in which we will focus on basic fundamentals. Living in a world with finite materials, we are passionate about the idea of utilizing our resources as it applies to our creations. Cultivate and grow your skills in an instructional art class or ignite your soul in a customized group event! 

Connect with your group in an excited and artistic way! Book your next group event and tap into your creative side.  

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

Only one session left! Let your child(ren) explore their imaginations in a creative environment!

Hone your skills as an artist with instructional art classes. Begin at any level and watch your knowledge and ability grow through practice.


Photography by Marcy Harris-Otriz